The Howl Ensemble

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The new instrumental powertrio from The Netherlands formed in 2013.

All three members have a different musical background in various genres. Together they create their own blend of noise/post-rock, combined with frequent use of odd time signatures reminiscent of math rock.

A dynamic band, they play delicate, layered passages as well as LOUD and dissonant outburst that can evolve into intense soundscapes, all depending on what the composition demands.
The contrast between free improvisation & intricately performed parts is also present in their music, as they aim to keep thins playful without losing sight of where the track is going.

The  mixing of different styles of music always carries with it the implied risk that the result will sound detached and fragmented, but these guys have crafted 5 distinct yet coherent tracks for their debut-album that work well on their own and as a package.