30-12The Frontline - Gent (BE)
After X-mass / Pre-New Year's Eve Metal Party
Imperious Rex (US)
Martyr (NL)
Z.O.D. (NL)
The Guardian (BE)
Always Fallen (BE)
Hyena (BE)
Collateral Damage (NL)
Devastation (BE)
23-12013 - Tilburg
Heavy X-mass Fest
After Forver (NL)
Leng Tch'e (BE/NL)
Gorefest (NL)
The Lucifer Principle (NL)
Tankard (DE)
Demia (NL)
Detonation (NL)
A New Dawn (NL)
15-12Concoradia - Westdorpe (NL)
Kreekrock Indoor
Enemy Ground (NL)
Pushed Too Far (BE)
Time Decides (BE)
Angelskin (BE)
Retaliation (NL)
17-11Metal-Core - Hoek (NL)Cultura Tres (VE/NL)
Crimson Falls (BE)
Gilo (NL)
Collateral Damage (NL)
15-11The Frontline - Gent (BE)Massacre (US)
Exterminator (BE)
Denial Fiend (US)
Suicidal Angels (GR)
Ashura (FR)
11-11013 - Tilburg (NL)
Mario's Metal Meeting
Raven (US)
Divine Ruins (US)
Dreamland (SE)
Imperious Rex (US)
Double Diamond (BE)
05-11De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)Leatherwolf (US)
Intense (UK)
23-10The Frontline - Gent (BE)The Prophecy (UK)
In Age and Sadness (NL)
Wall of Sleep (HU)
21-10The Frontline - Gent (BE)Jesus Martyr (AR)
Detonation (NL)
After the last Sky (UK)
Indemnity (BE)
13-10The Lane - Oostburg (NL)Badly Preserved (NL)
La Ventura (NL)
14-09The Frontline - Gent (BE)Antimatter (UK)
Leafblade (UK)
Never Comes Silence (DE)
11-09Hof ter Lo - Antwerpen (BE)As I Lay Dying (US)
Darkest Hour (US)
Himsa (US)
Maroon (DE)
01-09Jeffrey's - Sas van Gent (NL)
Forcefeed (NL)
La Ventura (NL)
Pandemia (CZ)
Long Time Dead (UK)
Gwyllion (BE)
The Massacrista (NL)
Remains (NL)
Soma (UK)
31-08Mukkes - Leeuwarden (NL)Long Time Dead (UK)
Soma (UK)
Backshift (DE)
30-08De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)Long Time Dead (UK)
Soma (UK)
26-08Biebob - Vosselaar (BE)
Metalzone Summerfest
Dream Evil (SE)
Onslaught (UK)
Hyades (IT)
Intense (UK)
Exterminator (BE)
The Reckoning (BE)
22-08Hof ter Lo - Antwerpen (BE)Testament (US)
Polluted Inheritance (NL)
20-08The Frontline - Gent (BE)Danny Cavanagh (UK)
Tom Brookes (UK)
...this is where my little saturn sleeps (BE)
11-08Lintfabriek - Kontich (BE)Municipal Wase (US)
Reproach (BE)
Scheisse Minelli (DE)
Assur (BE)
28-07Jeffrey's - Sas van Gent (NL)Spoil Engine (BE)
Remains (NL)
Helldozer (BE)
Collateral Damage (NL)
20-07The Frontline - Gent (BE)Insanity Reigns Supreme (BE)
Heavy Lord (NL)
Mose (BE)
19-07The Frontline - Gent (BE)Boozeroona (BE)
As You Like It (BE)
San Diablo (BE)
18-07The Frontline - Gent (BE)Mucopus (US)
Life is a Lie (BR)
BugGirl (AU)
Pigsty (CZ)
Sunpower (BE)
Mincing Fury and G.C.o.Q.D (CZ)
Capital Scum (BE)
Only Fumes & Corpses (IE)
15-07The Frontline - Gent (BE)Thurisaz (BE)
Flesh made Sin (NL)
Skull Collector (BE)
Colcothar (BE)
Witness the End (BE)
Indemnity (BE)
Avoid (BE)
13-07De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)Intense (UK)
Calibern (NL)
28-06Hof ter Lo - Antwerpen (BE)Earth Crisis (US)
Terror (US)
Walls of Jericho (US)
Sworn Enemy (US)
No Turning Back (NL)
18-06013 - Tilburg (NL)Life Of Agony (US)
Spoiler NYC (US)
Devil Driver (US)
Drowning Pool (US)
In this Moment (US)
17-06Innocent - Hengelo (NL)Walls of Jericho (US)
Sworn Enemy (US)
Samaritan (NL)
Kudra Mata (NL)
16-06Rock Around the Bridge - Sas van Gent (NL)Intwine (NL)
Gorki (BE)
Convict (BE)
La Ventura (NL)
Van Katoen (NL)
Razorblade (NL)
Seven Oaks (BE)
Endless Cycle (NL)
04-06AB - Brussel (BE)Machine Head (US)
Lamb of God (US)
01-06Kreekrock - Westdorpe (NL)The Setup (BE)
Badly Preserved (NL)
Poison my Blood (BE)
Bluem (NL)
Retaliation (NL)
Dr. Phil Needs Help (NL)
30-05Biebob - Vosselaar (BE)Stone Sour (US)
25-05Hof ter Lo - Antwerpen (BE)Dying Fetus (US)
Skinless (US)
Cattle Decapitation (US)
Dead to Fall (US)
Through the eyes of the Dead (US)
Ion Dissonance (CA)
War from a Hrlots Mouth (DE)
23-05The Frontline - Gent (BE)Another Breath (US)
The Legacy (UK)
Losing X Streak (BE)
17-05" target="_blank">16-05The Frontline - Gent (BE)Devourment (US)
Leptotrichia (BE)
Viral Load (US)
Murder Intentions (BE)
Despise (CZ)
Guttural (BE)
13-05The Frontline - Gent (BE)Vital Remains (US)
The Reckoning (BE)
The Eternal (AU)
Godphobia (SE)
Acephalous (BE)
Bloody Sign (FR)
Trudus (BE)
04-05The Fronline - Gent (BE)Enforcer (SE)
Zwartketterij (NL)
Wapenspraak & Drinkgelag (BE)
Exile (BE)
21-04Oktoberhallen - Wieze (BE)Deathstars (SE)
My Dying Bride (UK)
Mortiis (NO)
Jon Oliva's Pain (US)
Southern Voodoo (BE)
Circle II Circle (US)
Theudo (BE)
Kotipelto (FI)
Wanhoop (BE)
Chris Caffery (US)
Emeth (BE)
Elis (FR)
Kludde (BE)
Heimat (BE)
After All (BE)
09-04The Frontline - Gent (BE)Witchsmeller Pursuivant (BE)
Conquest of Steel (UK)
Monster Joe (BE)
Desperation (BE)
Calibern (NL)
Dusk (BE)
08-04The Cave - Amsterdam (NL)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Calibern (NL)
07-04Jeffrey's - Sas van Gent (NL)
Raise you first against Cancer Fest
Polluted Inheritance (NL)
Conquest of Steel (UK)
Badly Preserved (NL)
Dr. Phil Needs Help (NL)
Corozian (NL)
Endless Cycle (NL)
06-04Cerberus - Hengelo (NL)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Calibern (NL)
05-04Mukkes - Leeuwarden (NL)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Calibern (NL)
04-04Stubnitz - Rostock (DE)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Bad Luck Ride on Wheels (DE)
03-04Cassiopeia - Berlin (DE)Conquest of Steel (UK)
02-04Negasonic - Aalst (BE)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Indemnity (BE)
04-02The Frontline - Gent (BE)
Leng Tch'e (BE)
Moker (BE)
Incarnate (NL)
Putrid Inbred (BE)
Kruagre (BE)
Set the Tone (BE)
P.o.S. (BE)
02-02The Frontline - Gent (BE)
FRONTFEST V - pre-party
Maiden United (NL)
Sanitarium (BE)
Powerslave (BE)
28-01't Beest - Goes (NL)The Gathering (NL)
25-01Hof ter Lo - Antwerpen (BE)Hammerfall (SE)
Krokus (CH)
18-01Hof ter Lo - Antwerpen (BE)Killswitch Engage (US)
The Haunted (SE)
Bring me the Horizon (UK)