20-11De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Ynfamia (NL)
Ceremon Of Opposites (NL)
19-11De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Theat Signal (CA)
Raunchy (DK)
Sybreed (CH)
M.A.N. (SE)
In Cold Blood (IT)
24-10De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Vicious Rumors (US)
The Difference (BE)
Martyr (NL)
Custard (DE)
Devastation (BE)
23-10De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Portall (NL)
Tribal Spirits (NL)
Downfall of Empires (NL)
Curse of the Forgotten (NL)
03-10De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Infested Blood (BR)
Balfor (UA)
Serial Butcher (BE)
Endless Cycle (NL)
28-10De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Dexter Jones' Orchestra (SE)
11-09De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Rafflesia (BE)
The Fifth Alliance (NL)
Wounded Entrails (DE)
Anti Icon (BE)
27-06GMM - Dessel (BE)Hatebreed (US)
Bloodbath (SE)
Killswitch Engage (US)
36 Crazyfists (UK)
Mucky Pup (US)
Evergrey (SE)
Job for a Cowboy (US)
Between the buried and me (US)
26-06GMM - Dessel (BE)Soulfly (BR/US)
Channel Zero (BE)
Paradise Lost (UK)
Tankard (DE)
Obituary (US)
Carcass (UK)
Walls of Jericho (US)
Death by Stereo (US)
Hail of Bullets (NL)
25-06GMM - Dessel (BE)Motörhead (UK)
Doro (DE)
Stone Temple Pilots (US)
Slayer (US)
Anathema (UK)
The Devil's Blood (NL)
Anvil (CA)
Revamp (NL)
20-06De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Sworn Enemy (US)
Postmortem Promises (UK)
Annotations of an Autopsy (UK)
Moker (BE)
Fatal Recoil (BE)
Crossed the line (BE)
18-06De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Death Before Dishonor (US)
The SetUp (BE)
Noyalty (NL)
Everyone Dies Alone (BE)
13-06De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Manatees (UK)
Fehler (NL)
Starve (NL)
30-05De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Incarnate (NL)
Extreme O.D. (UK)
Powerstroke (BE)
I.C.O.N. (UK)
Tellurion (NL)
29-05De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)Extreme O.D. (UK)
I.C.O.N. (UK)
Platoon (BE)
28-05the Cave - Amsterdam (NL)Extreme O.D. (UK)
I.C.O.N. (UK)
27-05Mukkes - Leeuwarden (NL)Extreme O.D. (UK)
I.C.O.N. (UK)
Crushing Jackhammer (NL)
Graverot (NL)
21-05De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Hoods (US)
Palm (JP)
Pushed Too Far (BE)
Rumble Fist (NL)
My City Burning (NL)
16-05The Lane - Oostburg (NL)Jaguar (UK)
Martyr (NL)
Ynfamia (NL)
09-05De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Lionheart (US)
Headshot (BE)
Bloodtrial (NL)
Stab (BE)
02-05De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Suicidal Angels (GR)
Enforcer (SE)
Steelwing (SE)
Cauldron (CA)
17-04De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Rompeprop (NL)
Rectal Smegma (NL)
Dr. Doom (NL)
Jesus Cröst (NL)
A den of Robbers (BE)
10-04La mare aux Diables - Templeuve (BE)Savage Grace (US)
Omen (US)
Witchsmeller Pursuivant (BE)
Conquest of Steel (UK)
04-04De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Master (US)
Whorrid (US)
Potential Threat SF (US)
Devar (NO)
Imbalance (NO)
Sacrificial Slaughter (US)
02-04De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)Conquest of Steel (UK)
FireForce (BE)
Ynfamia (NL)
01-04De Gloppe - Leeuwarden (NL)Methusalem (NL)
Ruffians (US)
Conquest of Steel (UK)
Sadotank (NL)
20-03De Resada - Sas van Gent (NL)Smalltown Cynics All Star Tribute Band (NL)
Reason to Kill (NL)
Memphis Lion (NL)
The Fifth Alliance (NL)
Battalion (BE)
Profuna Ocean (NL)
Anti Icon (NL)
10-03De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)Fuck the Facts (CA)
Millions of Them (BE)
21-02VK - Brussel (BE)Fear Factory (US)
After All (BE)
16-02De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)Demonical (SE)
Deathbound (FI)
My Own Grave (SE)