18-12The Lane - Oosburg (NL)Moker (BE)
Bloodspawn (BE)
The Zygoma Disposal (BE)
25-10The Frontline - Gent (BE)10 years Musketeer of Death Festival:

The Prophecy (UK)
Imperious Malevolence (BRAZ)
Chainsaw (NL)
Leptotrichia (BE)
Hysterica (SE)
Hicsos (BRAZ)
Pantheist (UK)
Inferia (ARG)
After the last Sky (UK)
No (DE)
Bliksem (BE)

23-10The Frontline - Gent (BE)RAM (SE)
In Solitude (SE)
Helvetets Port (SE)
15-10The Frontline - Gent (BE)Spiritus Mortis (FIN)
Under the Pledge of Secrecy (DE)
The Brave do not ear the Grave (BE)
The Zygoma Disposal (BE)
02-10The Frontline - Gent (BE)Gae Bolga (BE)
Methedras (IT)
Tyrant's Kall (BE)
Evil Shepherd (BE)
24-09PandDemonium - Antwerpen (BE)Anneke van Giersbergen (NL)
Danny Cavanagh (UK)
19-09The Frontline - Gent (BE)Manatees (UK)
Mans Ruin (BE)
The MassaCrista (NL)
Zeus Walks the earth (BE)
13-09De Pul - Uden (NL)Long Time Dead (UK)
Reason to Kill (NL)
12-09Heavy's - Allen-Wasserfalingen (DE)Long Time Dead (UK)
Reason To Kill (NL)
Finisher (DE)
11-09The Cave - Amsterdam (NL)Long Time Dead (UK)
Reason To Kill (NL)
10-09De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)Long Time Dead (UK)
Embodiment of Fire (BE)
Alcoholic Nightmare (BE)
09-09The Frontline - Gent (BE)Jungle Rot (US)
Long Time Dead (UK)
Dread (IT)
Nightfire (US)
The Dark Disciples (US)
08-09The Frontline - Gent (BE)Hellish war (BRAZ)
FireForce (BE)
The Guardian (BE)
29-08The Lane - Oostburg (NL)The Prophecy (UK)
Endless Cycle (NL)
28-08PandDemonium - Antwerpen (BE)The Prophecy (UK)
Endless Cycle (NL)
13-07The Frontline - Gent (BE)Warbringer (US)
Trenchfoot (BE)
Z.O.D. (NL)
19-05The Frontline - Gent (BE)Cage (US)
Dragonsfire (DE)
Gae Bolga (BE)
21-04The Frontline - Gent (BE)Lividity (US)
Requiem (CH)
Nordor (GR)
Warpath (IRL)
Abhordium (FI)
Coffin Syrus (US)
Beneath the Flesh (US)
13-04St. Gummaruskerk - Herenthout (BE)Evoken (US)
Isole (SE)
The Eternal (AUS)
Officium Triste (NL)
Dandelion Wine (AUS)
Marche Funèbre (BE)
Akelei (NL)
12-04The Cave - Amsterdam (NL)The Eternal (AUS)
Marche Funèbre (BE)
11-04RAZ4U - Dattln (DE)The Eternal (AUS)
Dawn of Destiny (DE)
Tharsys (DE)
Fairytale (DE)
Marche Funèbre (BE)
10-04Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)The Eternal (AUS)
Marche Funèbre (BE)
Malicious Dream (NL)
09-04Mukkes - Leeuwarden (NL)The Eternal (AUS)
Marche Funèbre (BE)
08-04De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)The Eternal (AUS)
Marche Funèbre (BE)
24-03The Frontline - Gent (BE)Nunslaughter (US)
Diabolical (SE)
Sathanas (US)
Degradead (SE)
Collateral Damage (NL)
Withersin (SE)
01-03Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)Embodiment of Fire (BE)
Rumble Fist (NL)
28-02Mukkes - Leeuwarden (NL)Embodiment of Fire (BE)
27-02The Cave - Amsterdam (NL)Embodiment of Fire (BE)
22-02The Frontline - Gent (BE)FRONTFEST VII:

Crimson Falls (BE)
Fatal Recoil (BE)
The Dying (BE)
Set the Tone (BE)
Battalion (BE)
Days of Betrayal (BE)
Dedicted (BE)
Fractured Insanity (BE)
The John Doe Massacre (DE)
Gore Force 5 (BE)
Colcothar (BE)
21-02The Frontline - Gent (BE)FRONTFEST VII:

Welkin (BE)
Moker (BE)
The Reckoning (BE)
Putrid Inbred (BE)
Intense (UK)
Neverlight Horizon (BE)
Hooded Priest (NL/BE)
Indemnity (BE)
Sorrowfall (N-IRL)
Caducity (BE)
FireForce (BE)
In Chains (BE)
Beneath Contempt (BE)
20-02The Frontline - Gent (BE)FRONTFEST VII:

Incarnate (NL)
Bloodshot (BE)
Outcast (BE)
Embodiment of Fire (BE)
Poison my blood (BE)
Rumble Fist (NL)
01-02The Queens - Stoke On Trent (UK)Reason to Kill (NL)
Extreme O.D. (UK)
Long Time Dead (UK)
Collateral Damage (NL)
Exhibit A (UK)
31-01Sanctuary - Burnley (UK)Reason To Kill (NL)
Extreme O.D. (UK)
Long Time Dead (UK)
Collateral Damage (UK)
30-01The Shed - Leicester (UK)Reason To Kill (NL)
Extreme O.D. (UK)
Long Time Dead (UK)
Collateral Damage (NL)