08-12The Frontline - Gent (BE)Aeternus (NO)
Devilish Impressions (BRAZ)
Darkshine (FR)
Arum (BRAZ)
04-12The Frontline - Gent (BE)Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (DE)
Natron (IT)
Rotting Faith (FR)
20-11Negasonic - Aalst (BE)Intense (UK)
19-11013 - Tilburg (NL)Intense (UK) + Calibern (NL)
18-11Muziekcafe - Kerkrade (NL)Intense (UK) + Calibern (NL)
17-11JZ Muhle - Duisburg (DE)Intense (UK)
16-11The Cave - Amsterdam (NL)Intense (UK) + Calibern (NL)
12-11The Frontline - Gent (BE)Pandemia (CZ)
Moker (BE)
Abomination (BRAZ)
Sludge Phenomenon (BE)
29-10Baroeg - Rotterdam (NL)The Propehcy (UK)
Season's End (UK)
Insanity Reigns Supreme (BE)
as part of Dutch Doom Days
28-10The Frontline - Gent (BE)The Prophecy (UK)
Season's End (UK)
Insanity Reigns Supreme (BE)
Pantheist (UK)
Valkyre (BE/FR/DE)
Whispering Gallery (NL)
Never Comes Silence (DE)
Adultery (CZ)
Wanhoop (BE)
27-10Gazoil Organ - Liege-Vreren (BE)The Prophecy (UK)
Season's End (UK)
Insanity Reigns Supreme (BE)
Never Comes Silence (DE)
26-10Mukkes - Leeuwarden (NL)The Prophecy (UK)
Season's End (UK)
14-10The Frontline - Gent (BE)Darzamat (PL)
Mortifer (BE)
The Legion of Hetheria (MEX)
Thy Disease (PL)
Balam Akab (MEX)
Consensus (BE)
28-09The Frontline - Gent (BE)Chaoswave (IT)
Ape's Odyssey (BE)
Zero Gravity (BE)
03-09Muziekcafe - Kerkrade (NL)Razorwire (UK)
Lesbian Bed Death (UK)
02-09Jeffrey's - Sas van Gent (NL)Razorwire (UK)
Lesbian Bed Death (UK)
01-09Innocent - Hengelo (NL)Razorwire (UK)
Lesbian Bed Death (UK)
17-04The Frontline - Gent (BE)Isacaarum (CZ)
Ingrowing (CZ)
Collision (NL)
K4B (BE)
The day After (NL)
Fuck off and Die (BE)
18-02The Frontline - Gent (BE)FRONTFEST IV

Double Diamond (BE)
Sinister (NL)
Polluted Inheritance (NL)
The Difference (BE)
A Switch Below (BE)
Colcothar (BE)
17-02The Cave - Amsterdam (NL)Double Diamond (BE)
Calibern (NL)
16-02TMT - RoosendaalDouble Diamond (BE)