01-09The Frontline - Gent (BE)A Storm of Light (US)
Kingdom (BE)
The Brave do not fear the Grave (BE)
30-08Onze Kring - Wachtebeke (BE)
Meadow Fest
Torture Squad (BR)
After All (BE)
In-Quest (BE)
Damn you Idols (BE)
Cilice (NL)
Battalion (BE)
Incarnate (NL)
Uptempo Blues Machine (BE)
20-08The Frontline - Gent (BE)Beheaded (MT)
Inveracity (GR)
Suffocate Bastard (DE)
07-08De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)Extreme O.D. (UK)
01-08The Frontline - Gent (BE)The Acacia Strain (US)
Annotations of an Autopsy (UK)
Knights of the Abyss (US)
Psalm (BE)
27-07The Frontline - Gent (BE)
Musketeer's Gentse Feesten
KissAgain (NL)
Serial Butcher (BE)
The New Order (NL)
Sapiens End (NL)
Trenchfoot (BE)
Apocryph (BE)
Creature (BE)
21-06Rock Around the Bridge - Sas van Gent (NL)Action in DC (NL)
Puppetry of Life (NL)
17-05The George Hotel - Stoke-On-Trent (UK)

Lesbian Bed Death (UK)
Enemo-J (UK)
Dead in Vegas (UK)
Razorwire (UK)
Allerjen (UK)
Retaliation (NL)
Maniacal (UK)
Long Time Dead (UK)
Soma (UK)
Mantus (UK)
Bad Coma (UK)
Apogee (UK)
26-04Jeffrey's - Sas van Gent (NL)
Locals United
Dr. Phil needs Help (NL)
Retaliation (NL)
Collateral Damage (NL)
Endless Cycle (NL)
Puppetry of Life (NL)
Rumble Fist (NL)
Asbak (NL)
21-04The Frontline - Gent (BE)Mar de Grises (CL)
Thurisaz (BE)
30-03Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)Conquest of Steel (UK)
The Prophecy (UK)
The Difference (BE)
29-03Jeffrey's - Sas van Gent (NL)
Incarnate (NL)
The Prophecy (UK)
The Day After (NL)
The Fifth Alliance (NL)
Endless Cycle (NL)
27-03The Frontline - Gent (BE)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Trenchfoot (BE)
Soulsteeler (BE)
Illumination (BE)
02-03The Frontline - Gent (BE)Rafflesia (BE)
Burnt (UK)
Omerta (BE)
Retaliation (NL)
Reason to Kill (NL)
Fleshhold (UK)
Carrying My Burdens (BE)
29-02The Cave - Amsterdam (NL)Burnt (UK)
Fleshhold UK)
Retaliation (NL)
02-02't Beest - Goes (NL)Wolves in the Throne Room (US)
Retaliation (NL)
Weakling (NL)
Endless Cycle (NL)
The Hollow Men (NL)
12-01The Frontline - Gent (BE)
Frontfest 2008
Suhrim (BE)
Insanity Reigns Supreme (BE)
Double Diamond (BE)
The Evil Pony's (BE)
Misanthrope (FR)
Moker (BE)
Chainsaw (NL)
Leprasy (BE)
Self Inflicted (BE)
11-01The Frontline - Gent (BE)
Frontfest 2008
Agathocles (BE)
Sons of Lioth (BE)
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (FR)
Honey for Christ (00)
Stoma (NL)
Ripsaw (NL)
Jesus Cröst (NL)
02-01Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)Danny Cavanagh (UK)
Anneke van Giersbergen (NL)