08-12The Frontline - Gent (BE)Lizzy Borden (US)
Martyr (NL)
01-11Jeffrey's - Sas van Gent (NL)STERRE CHILDREN'S FARM BENEFIT:

The Evil Pony's (BE)
Welkin (BE)
Embodiment of Fire (BE)
Insanity Reigns Supreme (BE)
Honey for Christ (N-IRL)
Collateral Damage (NL)
Never Comes Silence (DE)
Carrying My burdens (BE)
30-10De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)The Propehcy (UK)
Honey for Christ (N-IRL)
Never Comes Silence (DE)
08-10The Frontline - Gent (BE)Kampfar (NO)
Custard (DE)
Elite (NO)
Stormrider (DE)
Thyrgrim (DE)
01-10The Frontline - Gent (BE)Gama Bomb (IRL)
Bonded by Blood (US)
Trenchfot (BE)
Sworn Amongst (UK)
28-09The Frontline - Gent (BE)Syrach (NO)
Insanity Reigns Supreme (BE)
Hooded Priest (BE)
My Lament (BE)
Innerfire (BE)
Marche Funèbre (BE)
17-09The Frontline - Gent (BE)Obiat (UK)
SardoniS (BE)
Archivist (BE)
18-08The Frontline - Gent (BE)Beheaded (MT)
Inveracity (GR)
Suffocate Bastard (DE)
09-08Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)Extreme O.D. (UK)
The Fifth Alliance (NL)
08-08Mukkes - Leeuwarden (NL)Extreme O.D. (UK)
07-08De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)Extreme O.D. (UK)
27-07The Frontline - Gent (BE)Kiss Again (NL)
Serial Butcher (BE)
The New Order (NL)
Sapiens End (NL)
Trenchfoot (BE)
Apocryph (BE)
Creature (BE)
09-06The Frontline - Gent (BE)Black Cobra (US)
Saviours (US)
Drums are for parades (BE)
19-05The Frontline - Gent (BE)Esoteric (UK)
Serpentcult (BE)
Endless Cycle (NL)
17-05Godless 8 - Stoke on Trent (UK)Retaliation (NL)
21-04The Frontline - Gent (BE)Mar de Grises (CL)
Thurisaz (BE)
30-03Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)Conquest of Steel (UK)
The Prophecy (UK)
The Difference (BE)
29-03Mukkes - Leeuwarden (NL)Conquest of Steel (UK)
28-03The Cave - Amsterdam (NL)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Jinx (NL)
27-03The Frontline - Gent (BE)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Trenchfoot (BE)
Soulsteeler (BE)
Illumination (BE)
26-03Rock City - Uster/Zurich (CH)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Citizen Hell (CH)
24-03Exit Chmelnice - Prague (CZ)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Dr. Triceratops (CZ)
Her Majesty (CZ)
23-03Kopi - Berlin (D)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Naked Aggression (US)
Diskoirää (ES)
Officer Down (UK)
22-03Dynamo - Eindhoven (NL)Musketeers of Metal Fest:

Conquest of Steel (UK)
Double Diamond (BE)
Martyr (NL)
Intense (UK)
Black Knight (NL)
The New Order (NL)
Z.O.D. (NL)
Trenchfoot (BE)
Typhonic Blast (NL)
21-03De Rots - Antwerpen (BE)Conquest of Steel (UK)
Witchsmeller Pursuivant (BE)
02-03The Frontline - Gent (BE)Rafflesia (BE)
Burnt (UK)
Omerta (BE)
Retaliation (NL)
Fleshhold (UK)
Carrying My Burdens (BE)
01-03Mukkes - Leeuwarden (NL)Burn (UK)
Retaliation (NL)
Fleshhold (UK)
29-02The Cave - Amsterdam (NL)Burnt (UK)
Retaliation (NL)
Fleshhold (UK)
28-02K17 - Berlin (DE)Burnt (UK)
Retaliation (NL)
Fleshhold (UK)
27-02Knubbel - Marburg (DE)Burnt (UK)
Retaliation (NL)
Fleshhold (UK)
12-01The Frontline - Gent (BE)FRONTFEST VI:

Suhrim (BE)
Insanity Reigns Supreme (BE)
Double Diamond (BE)
The Evil Pony's (BE)
Misanthrope (FR)
Remains (NL)
Moker (BE)
The Difference (BE)
Chainsaw (NL)
Cypher (NL)
Leprasy (BE)
Assur (BE)
Self Inflicted BE)
11-01The Frontline - Gent (BE)FRONTFEST VI:

Agathocles (BE)
Sons of Lioth (BE)
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (FR)
Honey For Christ (N-IRL)
Stoma (NL)
Ripsaw (NL)
Jesus Crost (NL)