Dehumanization (NL)

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Dehumanization is a Dutch slam death metal band with hardcore influences from bands like Acranius. In 2013 the band made a fresh start with a new drummer and singer. The band is formed by five upcoming talents that are inspired by numerous brutal death metal bands and they focus on an underground career in this music business. Since the ending of 2013 Dehumanization made a deal with the record label Morbic Generation Records en released their first album titled: “Meat Exposition”.

On stage the bands gets all into his element, the audience gets infected by the enthusiasm of the band members. The best way to describe the band would be by using a quote from “t ‘Beest”: “The brutal fivesome has remarkably grown the last two years in their sound that can be compared with Devourment, Dying Fetus and Abominable Putridity. This men know how to shoot death metal grenates right into the house.”