Keltgar (BE) – In Shadow they live


  1. Nightly liberation
  2. Sioban
  3. In shadow they live

This CD-demo of Keltgar gives us high-quality gothic doom/death-metal. It all starts with a sort of drumsolo. Than you hear the guitars and you think there’s another brutal death metal combo that will blow your brains out. But than you hear the lovely voice of female vocalist Evy. A very high pure emotional voice. A voice of an angel which fits fantastic with the very deep deathgrunt of Nikolaas. And I hear you thinking, but no it’s not a cheap The Gathering, Within Temptation or Theatre of Tragedy ripp-off. They have a very unique refreshing own style. The dramatic parts are mixed with some great up-tempo parts. And the keyboards are used very fine, without being a cliched method. They give an extra romantic touch to their music. This demo is worlds apart from most current gothic doom/death-metal releases. Check this one out.

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Nikolaas van Riet

Duinenstraat 1

B-3128 BAAL